The CATMOG reports describe advances in quantitative methods from the mid-1970s upto the early 1990s where many methods commonplace today were being developed. They represent core texts for those interested in the history behind quantitative methods in Geography. Writers include Stan Openshaw, Ron Johnston, Danny Dorling and many other renowned Quantitative Geographers. You can view all of the PDFs on GitHub. Alternatively you can download all of the CATMOG series together as a .zip file or a .tar.gz file.

Full series

  1. An Introduction to Markov Chain Analysis (Lyndhurst Collins)
  2. Distance Decay in Spatial Interactions (Peter J. Taylor)
  3. Understanding Canonical Correlation Analysis (D. Clark)
  4. Some Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Spatial Interaction Shopping Models (Stan Openshaw)
  5. An Introduction to Trend Surface Analysis (David Unwin)
  6. Classification in Geography (R. J. Johnston)
  7. An Introduction to Factor Analysis (J Goddard & A Kirby)
  8. Principal Components Analysis (S. Daultrey)
  9. Causal Inferences from Dichotomous Variables (N. Davidson)
  10. Introduction to the Use of Logit Models in Geography (Neil Wrigley)
  11. Linear Programming: Elementary Geographical Applications of the Transportation Problem (Alan Hay)
  12. An Introduction to Quadrat Analysis (R. W. Thomas)
  13. An Introduction to Time-Geography (Nigel Thrift)
  14. An Introduction to Graph Theoretical Methods in Geography (K. J. Tinkler)
  15. Linear Regression in Geography (R. Ferguson)
  16. Probability Surface Mapping. An Introduction with Examples and Fortran Programmes (N. Wrigley)
  17. Sampling Methods for Geographical Research (C. Dixon & B. Leach)
  18. Questionnaires and Interviews in Geographical Research (C. Dixon & B. Leach)
  19. Analysis of Frequency Distributions (V. Gardiner & G. Gardiner)
  20. Analysis of Covariance and Comparison of Regression Lines (J. Silk)
  21. An Introduction to the Use of Simultaneous-Equation Regression Analysis in Geography (D. Todd)
  22. Transfer Function Modelling: Relationship Between Time Series Variables (Pong-wai Lai)
  23. Stochastic Processes in One Dimensional Series: an Introduction (K. S. Richards)
  24. Linear Programming: The Simplex Method with Geographical Applications (James E. Killen)
  25. Directional Statistics (Gary L. Gaile & James E. Burt)
  26. Potential Models in Human Geography (D. C. Rich)
  27. Causal Modelling: The Simon-Blalock Approach (D. G. Pringle)
  28. Statistical Forecasting (R. J. Bennett)
  29. The British Census (J. C. Dewdney)
  30. The Analysis of Variance (J. Silk)
  31. Information Statistics in Geography (R. W. Thomas)
  32. Centrographic Measures in Geography (Aharon Kellerman)
  33. An Introduction to Dimensional Analysis for Geographers (Robin Haynes)
  34. An Introduction to Q-Analysis (J. R. Beaumont A.C. Gatrell)
  35. The Agricultural Census – United Kingdom and United States (G. Clark)
  36. Order-Neighbour Analysis (Graeme Aplin)
  37. Classification Using Information Statistics (R. J. Johnston & R. K. Semple)
  38. The Modifiable Areal Unit Problem (S. Openshaw)
  39. Survey Research in Underdeveloped Countries (Chris Dixon & Bridget Leach)
  40. Innovation Diffusion: Contemporary Geographical Approaches (G. Clark)
  41. Choice in Field Surveying (Roger P.Kirby)
  42. An Introduction to Likelihood Analysis (Andrew Pickles)
  43. The UK Census of Population 1981 (J. C. Dewdney)
  44. Geography and Humanism (John Pickles)
  45. Voronoi (Thiessen) Polygons (B. N. Boots)
  46. Goodness-of-Fit Statistics (A. S. Fotheringham & D. C. Knudsen)
  47. Spatial Autocorrelation (Michael F. Goodchild)
  48. Introductory Matrix Algebra (K. J. Tinkler)
  49. Spatial Applications of Exploratory Data Analysis (David Sibley)
  50. The Application of Nonparametric Statistical Tests in Geography (John Coshall)
  51. The Statistical Analysis of Contingency Table Designs (L. G. O’Brien)
  52. A Classification of Geographical Information Systems Literature and Applications (I. Bracken, G. Higgs,D. Martin & C. Webster)
  53. An Introduction to Market Analysis (John R. Beaumont)
  54. Multi-Level Models for Geographical Research (K. Jones)
  55. Causal and Simulation Modelling Using System Dynamics (Ian Moffatt)
  56. The UK Census of Population 1991 (David Martin)
  57. Dynamic Analysis of Spatial Population Systems (Jianfa Shen)
  58. Doing Ethnographies (Ian Cook & Phil Crang)
  59. Area Cartograms: Their Use and Creation (Daniel Dorling)