2022 Undergradiate Dissertation Prize

14 Jun 2022

Every year, the Quantitative Methods Research Group (QMRG) offers a prize for the best undergraduate dissertation that engages with quantitative methods and methodologies. Students need not necessarily be aligned to a geography(-related) discipline, but their work should engage with geographical problems and phenomena from a quantitative perspective. Innovative geographic data science analyses, effective deployments of existing geographical science methods, or fundamental research in spatial models will all be considered.

Entries are judged by members of the QMRG committee who may, depending on the number and types of entries received, decide to award a single overall prize or multiple separate prizes for different fields of the discipline.

Please note that entries are limited to undergraduate dissertations from UK higher education institutions. They should be submitted with the student’s agreement and by an appropriate member of staff (normally the Head of Department or appointed representative). Each institution is limited to a single entry per department.

The call for the 2022 prize in now open.

For full details of the Undergraduate Dissertation Prize, please select this link and search for the QMRG. A list of previous winners and topics is also available on the QMRG website here.

To submit an entry, please email a copy of the dissertation without any indication of the awarded mark to: Dr Isabel Williams (qmrgdissertation@outlook.com).

Please provide an email address for the student that will be live after September 2021 (e.g. a personal email address where institutional addresses expire following graduation).

Deadline: 15th July 2022