QMRG Dissertation Prize Officer role description

11 Jul 2022

By Isabel Williams, outgoing Dissertation Prize Officer

Having acquired nearly seven years of teaching experience in higher education, one thing that has stuck with me is the fantastic work that cohorts of undergraduate researchers are producing and contributing to the wider geographical knowledge. Both from within the confines of the discipline as human and physical geographers, to those who are not necessarily to a geography-related discipline, what this position does is provide you with the opportunity to be proactive in the celebration of this emerging research.

Expectations and Responsibilities The role itself requires someone with good time management and organisational skills, as well as a passion for disseminating quantitative research, knowledge, and excellence. You will find that your responsibilities will predominantly come into play in the second half of the academic year, leaving you with the first half to work as you see fit. For instance, I contributed to a PGR panel session that subsequently led to development of a reflective academic piece, working with other quantitative geographers to communicate collective postgraduate and early career experiences.

The position has benefited from effective management, whereby a Dissertation Prize Schedule has been drafted to assist new position holders. This means that you are not stepping into the position with no content or context, and you will be able to plan and manage your time accordingly. In addition, your fellow QMRG members are all friendly and supportive, and will work with you if any challenges arise.

Below, I have outlined some of the key responsibilities attributed to the role:

What did I get out of it? Ultimately, this position has provided me with the opportunity to continue working alongside the undergraduate community and engage once again with the Royal Geographical society (RGS-IBG) as part of the QMRG. It is a fantastic opportunity and one I have thoroughly enjoyed. If you have any questions about the role and what it entails, please feel free to drop me an email at isabelwilliams24@gmail.com.