QMRG Chair post description

11 Jul 2022

By Dani Arribas-Bel, outgoing Chair

The Chair of QMRG is responsible for coordinating all activities that the group undertakes, as well as helping shape it’s strategy and direction of travel. This involves co-producing with the QMRG committee the design and implementation of key activities the group will invest it’s time, effort, and funds, and coordinate plans to undertake them. Additionally, the Chair will act (as other members of the committee do) as an ambassador of both the QMRG and the RGS in a variety of events, representing their values and advocating for its mission.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get experience in leading an excellent group of committed folks towards making quantitative methods more relevant, present, and active in the Geography community. If you are enthusiastic, keen to learn, and happy to work in a team, this job is for you!