Changes to the QMRG Commitee

12 Aug 2022

Following our Annual General Meeting on the 12th August 2022, we are pleased to announce that we have appointed five new members to the QMRG committee.

Francisco Rowe will be the new Chair of QMRG. Francisco is Senior Lecturer in Human Quantitative Geography at the University of Liverpool. Their research focuses on understanding human mobility and migration processes through applying data science techniques and utilising new forms of data (e.g., satellite derived data).

Yijing Li was appointed to Dissertation Prize Officer. Yijing is Senior Lecturer in Urban Informatics at Kings College London. Their research explores the geography of crime, in particular investigating issues such as urban crime patterns, counter terrorism, and how climate change may influence crime.

We have appointed three people to become Postgraduate Student Representatives on the committee: Yue Li is from the University of Glasgow and they research traffic flow predictions using complex forms of data. Laura Sheppard is from University College London and their research is about applying a gender lens to data science for understanding higher education inequalities. Finally, Ruth Neville from the University of Liverpool joins and their research investigates the intersection between education and human mobility.

We are sorry to have to say goodbye to three excellent colleagues who have either reached their term limits or moving onto pastures new leading to these positions being vacant. They include our Chair Dani Arribas-Bel, Dissertation Prize Officer Isabel Williams, and Postgraduate Representative Patrick Ballantyne. While we are sad to have to say goodbye, we can reflect over the skills, knowledge and energy they each brought to the committee and we thank them all sincerely for their help in promoting quantitative methods in Geography. They have each made significant changes and improvements to how QMRG operates, and their contributions will be missed. You can read more about previous members of the committee here.