RGS-IBG Call for PGR Sessions

15 Feb 2022

The Quantitative Methods Research Group (QMRG) is inviting proposals for PGR-led sessions for the forthcoming RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, which will take place from Tuesday 30th August to Friday 2nd September 2022 at Newcastle University, UK.

We are interested in sponsoring a session(s) that is dedicated to the work of postgraduate students embracing quantitative methods to answer geographical research questions.

We are particularly interested in session topics related to this year’s conference theme “Geographies Beyond Recovery” and welcome anything to do with quantitative methods, methodologies, and data. Notably, this applies to both the human and physical sides of the discipline.

The proposals can lead to paper sessions, poster presentations or panels. A session time slot is 1 hour 40 minutes in length. If we have multiple applications, we can facilitate conversations to combine ideas.

All participants of the convened session are automatically considered for the QMRG’s Robin Flowerdew Award for best postgraduate paper, with the winner announced at the AGM during the conference.

How to submit your proposal

Please send the following information as a Word document to Dr Isabel Williams (Isabel.Williams@newcastle.ac.uk) and Rachael Sanderson (R.Sanderson4@newcastle.ac.uk) by Friday 25th February 2022:

Convenors will be notified by Wednesday 2nd March 2022, so that they can begin organising and distributing their call for papers. Confirmed sessions will therefore be granted QMRG sponsorship.

Session convenors will need to submit the necessary documents to the RGS by close of play Friday 25th March 2022. Details are available here.